What Are Mormons Not Allowed To Have?

Did you ever wonder what items are off-limits for Mormons? As a friendly guide, let’s explore the intriguing world of Mormonism and the things that are considered prohibited within their faith. From coffee and tea to addictive substances and even certain forms of entertainment, there are intriguing aspects to discover. So, grab a cup of herbal tea and join us on this enlightening journey to understand what Mormons are not allowed to have.

Alcohol and Illegal Drugs

Alcoholic Beverages

Mormons follow a strict code of conduct called the Word of Wisdom, which advises against the consumption of alcoholic beverages. This means that as a Mormon, you are encouraged to avoid drinking alcohol in any form, whether it’s beer, wine, or liquor. The Word of Wisdom was revealed by Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon Church, and it serves as a guide to living a healthy and spiritually fulfilling life. By abstaining from alcohol, Mormons believe they are better able to maintain control over their actions and make wise decisions.


In addition to alcohol, Mormons are also advised against using tobacco in any form. This includes smoking cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and even using chewing tobacco. The Word of Wisdom specifically states that tobacco is harmful to the body and should be avoided. The health risks associated with tobacco use are well-documented, and Mormons strive to keep their bodies free from any harmful substances. By avoiding tobacco, Mormons believe they are better able to lead healthy lives and fulfill their spiritual responsibilities.

Illegal Drugs

As you might expect, the use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited for Mormons. The Word of Wisdom advises against the use of any substances that are not legally prescribed by a doctor. This includes drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and other illegal substances. Mormons believe that illegal drugs not only harm the physical body but also have negative effects on mental and spiritual well-being. By refraining from the use of illegal drugs, Mormons strive to live clean and productive lives, free from the negative consequences associated with drug use.

Coffee and Tea


While many people rely on their daily cup of coffee to get their energy and productivity levels up, Mormons choose to abstain from coffee altogether. The Word of Wisdom specifically advises against consuming hot drinks, which have been interpreted by Mormon leaders to include coffee. Mormons believe that by abstaining from coffee, they are not only avoiding potential health risks associated with its consumption but also striving to live in accordance with their spiritual beliefs. Instead, Mormons often turn to alternative beverages like herbal teas or hot chocolate for their warm beverage fix.


Similar to coffee, tea is also not consumed by Mormons as part of their adherence to the Word of Wisdom. This includes both black tea and herbal tea. While the specific reasons for avoiding tea are not explicitly stated in the Word of Wisdom, the general principle is to abstain from any substance that has potentially harmful effects on the body. Mormons believe that by avoiding tea, they are able to maintain their physical and spiritual health and focus on living a balanced and fulfilling life.

Sexual Promiscuity

Pre-Marital Sex

Mormons believe in the importance of reserving sexual intimacy for marriage. This means that engaging in pre-marital sex is strongly discouraged. Mormons view sex as a sacred act that should be shared between a husband and wife within the bounds of a committed and loving marital relationship. By abstaining from pre-marital sex, Mormons believe they are honoring the sanctity of the marital union and setting a foundation for a strong and lasting relationship.

Extramarital Affairs

Similarly, Mormons strongly discourage engaging in extramarital affairs or any form of infidelity within a marriage. Mormons believe in the sanctity of marriage and the importance of fidelity and trust between partners. Engaging in extramarital affairs not only undermines the trust and commitment within a marriage but also goes against the principles of love, respect, and loyalty that are integral to a strong marital relationship. Mormons strive to cultivate healthy and faithful marriages, recognizing that open and honest communication is essential in maintaining trust and mutual respect.

Homosexual Relationships

While Mormons have historically held traditional views on homosexuality, there has been a shift in recent years towards greater understanding and acceptance. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the formal name of the Mormon Church, teaches that same-sex attraction is not a sin, but acting upon those attractions through sexual relationships is inconsistent with God’s plan for His children. Mormons believe that sexual intimacy should only occur within a marriage between a man and a woman. However, the Church encourages love, understanding, and support for individuals who experience same-sex attraction. The focus is on empathy and inclusivity, striving to create a welcoming and supportive environment for all members of the Mormon community.


Pornographic Material

Mormons are advised to stay away from pornographic material, which includes explicit images, videos, literature, or any other media that is sexually explicit in nature. The consumption of pornography goes against the teachings of the Mormon Church, which emphasizes the importance of respecting the sacred nature of human relationships and sexuality. Mormons believe that pornography can distort healthy perceptions of sexuality, damage relationships, and foster an unhealthy mindset. Instead, Mormons strive to focus on nurturing their relationships, maintaining open communication, and cultivating a healthy and respectful view of human intimacy.

Obscene Material

Similar to pornography, Mormons are encouraged to avoid consuming any media or material that is obscene. This includes explicit content that may not necessarily fall into the category of pornography but is still sexually explicit or promotes harmful behaviors. By staying away from obscene material, Mormons aim to protect their minds from negative influences and maintain a positive and wholesome outlook on life.



Mormons abstain from participating in gambling activities, including visiting casinos or engaging in any form of gambling that involves risking money or valuables. The Church teaches that gambling can lead to addictive behavior, strain personal finances, and disrupt family relationships. Mormons believe in being responsible stewards of their resources and consider gambling to be an irresponsible use of time and money. Instead, Mormons focus on financial responsibility, setting realistic goals, and making wise decisions to secure their financial well-being.

Lottery Tickets

Similarly, Mormons do not participate in purchasing or playing lottery tickets, which involve the chance of winning a large sum of money through random selection. Mormons view gambling, including lottery tickets, as an invitation to temptation and financial instability. The emphasis is on cultivating patience, hard work, and personal responsibility rather than relying on chance or luck in pursuit of financial gain.


Participating in betting, whether it’s on sports, card games, or any other form of gambling, is also discouraged for Mormons. Mormons believe that the focus should be on nurturing personal development, relationships, and spiritual growth, rather than relying on chance or speculation for monetary gain. Instead, Mormons strive to make wise financial decisions, promote responsible behavior, and seek opportunities for personal and professional development.

Indecent Clothing

Revealing Attire

Mormons are encouraged to dress modestly and avoid wearing revealing attire, particularly in public or situations where it may be perceived as immodest. This includes avoiding clothing that is excessively tight, low-cut, or showcases an individual’s body in an inappropriate manner. Mormons believe that modest attire fosters an environment of respect, promotes self-worth, and helps maintain healthy boundaries in personal interactions. By dressing modestly, Mormons strive to display self-respect and demonstrate their commitment to living in harmony with their spiritual values.

Immodest Dressing

Similar to revealing attire, immodest dressing, which may include clothing that is highly provocative or promotes explicit messages, is also discouraged for Mormons. The emphasis is on choosing clothing that reflects personal values and respects the sanctity of the body. Mormons believe that through modest dressing, individuals can send a positive message about their character, promote a culture of respect for themselves and others, and strive for a wholesome and balanced lifestyle.

Tattoos and Body Piercings


Mormons generally refrain from getting tattoos, viewing them as a personal choice that can potentially distract from the body’s natural beauty and detract from an individual’s God-given identity. While there is no specific commandment against tattoos, Mormons believe in embodying a sense of personal dignity and respect for the body, which can be compromised by certain types or excessive tattoos. The focus is on cultivating a healthy sense of self-esteem and embracing the body in its natural form.

Multiple Ear Piercings

While single ear piercings are generally accepted among Mormons, multiple ear piercings for men or even excessive ear piercings for women are discouraged. Mormons believe that modesty in appearance includes not only clothing choices but also the way individuals choose to adorn themselves. By avoiding excessive or unconventional piercings, Mormons aim to maintain a sense of balance, self-respect, and an outward appearance that reflects their commitment to living in accordance with their spiritual beliefs.

Other Body Piercings

Beyond ear piercings, other body piercings that are considered excessive or unconventional are generally discouraged among Mormons. The emphasis is on maintaining a sense of self-respect, adopting an appearance that reflects one’s commitment to spiritual values, and preserving the sanctity of the body. By refraining from excessive body piercings, Mormons aim to foster an environment of modesty, respect, and a focus on promoting healthy personal relationships.

Violent or R-Rated Movies

Movies with Violence

While not explicitly prohibited, Mormons are advised to use caution when it comes to consuming media, particularly movies that contain excessive violence or graphic content. Mormons believe that media consumption can have a significant impact on thoughts, emotions, and behavior. By exercising discernment and avoiding movies with excessive violence, Mormons strive to nurture a mindset of peace, compassion, and positivity.

Movies with Explicit Content

Mormons are also encouraged to stay away from movies that contain explicit content, including sexually explicit scenes or excessive use of profanity. The focus is on avoiding media that may promote negative or harmful behaviors and instead embracing films that inspire, uplift, and align with their spiritual values. Mormons believe that by being mindful about the media they consume, they can shape their thoughts and emotions in a positive and constructive manner.

Swearing or Using Vulgar Language


Mormons are guided to refrain from using profanity or engaging in any form of speech that may be considered vulgar or offensive. Mormons believe that words have power and can influence both individuals and the environment in which they are spoken. By choosing to use respectful and uplifting language, Mormons strive to create an atmosphere of love, understanding, and virtue. The focus is on fostering positive communication and encouraging words that build others up.

Obscene Language

Similar to profanity, using obscene language or participating in conversations that involve obscene or inappropriate topics is discouraged for Mormons. Mormons believe that by choosing wholesome and respectful language, they can cultivate stronger relationships, promote understanding, and create an environment of respect and decency.

Coffee Table Books

Books on Coffee Culture

While Mormons do not consume coffee, they are not prohibited from owning or reading books on coffee culture. Coffee table books that explore the rich history, cultural significance, or artistic aspects of coffee can be appreciated for their educational and aesthetic value. Mormons separate their avoidance of coffee consumption from their ability to appreciate and learn about different cultural practices.

Books Promoting Coffee Consumption

However, Mormons would generally avoid books that actively promote or advocate for coffee consumption. The focus is on maintaining personal boundaries and making choices that align with individual spiritual beliefs. While the Church does not prohibit owning or reading such books, Mormons exercise discretion and prioritize the cultivation of a lifestyle that aligns with the principles of the Word of Wisdom.

In conclusion, Mormons adhere to a set of guidelines called the Word of Wisdom, which encompasses various aspects of their lifestyle choices. This includes abstaining from alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, coffee, and tea. Mormons also emphasize the importance of maintaining sexual purity within the confines of marriage, avoiding pornography and indecent material, and exercising caution with media consumption. Additionally, Mormons strive to dress modestly, avoid excessive body modifications, and promote positive and respectful language. While these guidelines may seem strict to some, Mormons believe that they contribute to their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, allowing them to lead a fulfilling and harmonious life.